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Q&A – YOSF (5784)

Q&A – YOSF (5784)

June 29, 2024 Q&A - Interviews

In the home of R’ Efrem Goldberg to the students of Yeshiva of South Florida


00:01:08 Engaging in positive things when one is not learning full time

00:05:56 How to do mitzvos with hislahavus

00:09:15 Lessons from those who were saved on October 7th

00:17:54 October 7th and Simchas Torah

00:19:32 How to feel for Jews who are not observant

00:26:06 Political Advocating of Jewish Values

00:29:35 A community and your values

00:32:37 Understanding Gedolim with views that we find difficult

00:39:13 Are there things that are beyond politics?

00:41:10 When leaders have radical views

00:45:05 Learning things other than Gemorah while in yeshiva

00:48:28 Daas Torah

00:51:45 Why Gedolim sound so different from each other

00:53:35 Building an approach from multiple sources

00:57:35 Optimism & Pessimism for this generation

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