Covid, Q&A, Ben Torah for Life and more. R’ Aaron Lopianksy’s shiurim and shmuzim are world renown for their depth and practically.

Daas – A Prerequisite to Torah (with Q&A)

Daas – A Prerequisite to Torah (with Q&A)

May 27, 2024 Q&A - Interviews

Delivered to talmidim of Heichal HaTorah, Teaneck, NJ 5/10/24

#Acharei Mos


10:13 Should Jews in America lay low or stand up

14:50 Has advocacy gone too far

16:13 How to stay strong in belief when bad things happen?

18:33 Strive to be better or be happy with what you are?

20:44 When parents tell you to be “normal”

22:32 Self confidence

26:59 Being separate from the outside world

30:19 When a loved one is sick but doesn’t want any help

31:59 Advice for the last year of high school

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