From the Rambam to the Maharal to the Gra, R’ Aaron Lopiansky gives shiurim on a variety of seforim. Choose a sefer that speaks to you and learn through with R’ Aaron’s clarity.

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Yesodei HaTorah Series 2 (pp 0694-0696) – Emor

Yesodei HaTorah Series 2 (pp 0694-0696) – Emor

May 07, 2022 3. Vayikra

The Reason for the Mitzva of Lulav
Sefer HaChinuch 324 (pg. 694)

Blaspheming with the Shem HaMiforah vs. with a Descriptive Name of Hashem
Ibn Ezra (pg. 695) [11:39]

The Obligation to Kill a Murderer
Moreh Nevuchim 3:41 (pg. 696) [15:34]

Kein Yeaseh Lo, Means Money
Ibn Ezra (pg. 696) [25:20]

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