From the Rambam to the Maharal to the Gra, R’ Aaron Lopiansky gives shiurim on a variety of seforim. Choose a sefer that speaks to you and learn through with R’ Aaron’s clarity.

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Yesodei HaTorah Series 2 (pp 0630-0633) – Shemini

Yesodei HaTorah Series 2 (pp 0630-0633) – Shemini

March 20, 2022 3. Vayikra

The Death of the Sons of Ahron was “Lifnei Hashem
Inb Ezra (pg. 630)

The Machshavos of Hashem are also called “Dibbur”
Ramban (pg. 630) [01:33]

The Reason for the Mitzva of Not Entering the Beis HaMikdash with Long Hair and Torn Clothing
Sefer HaChinuch 149 (pg. 631) [11:57]

The Obligation of Kavod HaMes Against to the Need to Distance Oneself from Tumah
Toras HaMincha (pg. 631) [18:11]

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