From the Rambam to the Maharal to the Gra, R’ Aaron Lopiansky gives shiurim on a variety of seforim. Choose a sefer that speaks to you and learn through with R’ Aaron’s clarity.

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Yesodei HaTorah Series 2 (pp 0618-0621) – Tzav

Yesodei HaTorah Series 2 (pp 0618-0621) – Tzav

March 13, 2022 3. Vayikra

Hashem Hides Miracles in the Ways of Nature
Sefer HaChinuch (132) (pg. 618)

In the Zchus of the Fire on the Mizbeach, the Yesod of Fire in Man in Blessed
Sefer HaChinuch (132) (pg. 618) [07:30]

The Reason a Kohen’s Mincha is Completely Burned
Moreh Nevuchim (3:46) (pg. 619) [11:20]

Argument with a Tzeduki
Ibn Ezra (3:20) (pg. 619) [12:38]

The Limbs that are the Yesod of Movement, are Singled Out to Thank Hashem With
Rabbeinu Bichaye (pg. 620) [17:53]

The Remez of Tenufa in Korbanos and Lulav
Rabbeinu Bichaye (pg. 620) [20:39]

The Greatness of Shalom
Rabbeinu Bichaye (pg. 621) [26:55]

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