From the Rambam to the Maharal to the Gra, R' Aaron Lopiansky gives shiurim on a variety of seforim. Choose a sefer that speaks to you and learn through with R' Aaron’s clarity.

Yesodei HaTorah Series 2 (pp 0371-0374) – BeShalach

Yesodei HaTorah Series 2 (pp 0371-0374) – BeShalach

January 09, 2022 2. Shemos
This week’s shiur has been generously sponsored by Betzalel Wolff in memory of Refoel ben Yehoshua Falek – Ronnie Greenwald z”l
Nevuah and the Revelation of Fundamentals of Torah through Women
Rabbeinu Bechaya (pg. 317)

The Secret of “Malchus”in “Brachos
Ramban (pg. 372) [07:19]

Mitzvos are Refuos HaNefesh and One Who Sins Makes His Soul Ill
Sforno (pg. 372) [13:27]

The Fundamental Aspect of Emunah is to Believe That Which Your Eye Cannot See
Rabbeinu Bechaya (pg. 373) [22:09]

One Whose Paranasah Comes Easy Must Strengthen Himself in Torah
Rabbeinu Bechaya (pg. 374) [27:55]


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