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Torah Q&A – Baltimore

Torah Q&A – Baltimore

June 10, 2024 Q&A - Interviews

Delivered in Shomrei Emunah, Baltimore, MD 6/10/24


03:38 What is the function of Torah?

10:06 Why is Torah the most important pillar of the world?

14:18 Torah Lishma

19:52 The purpose of Torah She’Baal Peh

27:48 What is Kavod HaTorah?

31:28 Talmidei Rebbe Akiva

38:59 Referring to Rebbeim in the third person

42:32 Having proper respect for Rabbanim and Talmidei Chachamim

50:28 How to respect differing views

53:10 How to prepare for Shavuos

57:17 Shavuos Sefer Recommendation


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