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Q&A – Yeshivas Mir Summer Camp (5783)

Q&A – Yeshivas Mir Summer Camp (5783)

August 14, 2023 Q&A - Interviews


01:22 Entertainment and Relaxation

04:45 Echod Yotzei l’Horaah

08:18 Protesting the Light Rail

15:30 Building a Relationship with Hashem

17:54 Giving Honor to Someone Who Runs Away From It

23:55 Feelings About Someone Who Is Off the Derech

27:46 The Difficulty of Inyonei Kedusha

30:19 “Echta V’Ashuv”

34:11 Letting Loose

37:51 Do “Hurt People – Hurt People”?

44:14 Bechira

47:13 Ready for Marriage

47:55 Voting for Eretz HaKodesh

54:01 “Choosing” a Shitah

55:06 Mesorah in Torah SheBichsav

59:38 Kissing a Sefer Torah

1:00:44 Taking Government Money for School’s Who Don’t Teach Secular Studies

1:02:05 Being Bound by Kabbalas HaTorah

01:04:39 Hat & Jacket

01:08:20 Am I Making an Effort

01:09:47 Addressing Those Who Rebel

01:16:40 Torah to Combat Addiction

01:18:36 Internet Takanos

01:23:12 “The Rabbanim”

01:25:27 Sinas Chinam

01:30:14 Taking Mental Stimulants

01:35:05 The Mashgiach Sharing His Memories

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