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Q&A – Yeshivas Mir Summer Camp 5782

Q&A – Yeshivas Mir Summer Camp 5782

August 16, 2022 Q&A - Interviews

01:05 Balance in a Yeshiva Bacher’s Life and Schedule

05:16 Signing Documents That We Don’t Intend to Keep

13:33 When Hashem Doesn’t Answer Tefillah (And How is it Different than Davening to Avodah Zara)

18:57 Chaim Walder Books

24:52 When is it Time to Go to Work?

28:27 Trust in Hashem

35:04 Judging Other People

37:25 Chazal’s Curriculum (Mikra, Mishna, Talmud)

40:53 Therapy

47:03 Kedusha

50:33 Choosing a Job that May Not Earn a High Salary

54:27 SheLo Asani Isha

55:33 Gehennim – Divrei Aggadah

58:20 Alcohol, Marijuana

1:02:57 Speaking with Kindness About Everyone

1:08:22 Chizuk When Tefillos Are Not Answered For a Long Time

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