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Q&A – Toras Shraga 5784

Q&A – Toras Shraga 5784

February 19, 2024 Q&A - Interviews

#Israel Trip 2024


02:06 Staying Motivated To Do Things That We Don’t Understand

05:46 Other Hashkafos

08:04 Army

11:13 Chassidus

16:49 Learning Sifrei Chassidus on Your Own

18:38 Cheshek in Torah

22:05 Sports

26:54 Orthodox Professional Athletes

29:22 Ben Torah in the Workplace

34:21 Getting Up for Shachris

36:17 Platonic Relationships

40:12 Giving Reasons Why Things Happen

44:04 When Gedolim Give Reasons for Why Things Happen

46:05 Philosophy and Emunah Pshuta

51:01 Other Religions

52:53 Da Mah Shetashiv

54:25 Chovos HaLevavos Shaar Yichud

55:21 Is Emunah the Natural Position

59:44 In Emunah Conditioning




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