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Q&A – Toras Shraga (5783)

Q&A – Toras Shraga (5783)

March 04, 2023 Q&A - Interviews


#Israel Trip 2023


02:19 Response to Terror Attacks

05:50 Playing Sports

09:37 Staff in a Co-Ed Camp

13:14 Mesorah

19:48 Answering Challenges to the Mesorah

20:43 Having a Girlfriend

22:33 Hashgacha Pratis

26:34 What to Look for in a Rebbe

28:46 Ben Torah in the Workforce

33:04 More Religious than Friends

34:35 Difficulties in Ruchniyos

36:25 Learning Torah from a Rebbe vs Learning on Your Own

37:51 Physical and Spiritual

39:55 Balancing Life in Beis Medrash and Life in the World

42:50 Studying Philosophy

47:02 Careers

49:02 non-Jewish Music

50:15 When to Get Married

51:46 What Seforim Should be Learned

52:49 A Job with Meaning vs a Job That Allows More Time for Learning

54:28 Living in Eretz Yisroel

57:14 Secular College

59:20 Balancing Learning, Chesed, Family, & Friends

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