Covid, Q&A, Ben Torah for Life and more. R’ Aaron Lopianksy’s shiurim and shmuzim are world renown for their depth and practically.

Q&A – NCSY Kollel (5783)

Q&A – NCSY Kollel (5783)

August 10, 2023 Q&A - Interviews

Delivered at the NCSY Kollel, Israel 8/9/23


00:14 Introduction – Incorporating Torah into Life

09:01 Teaching Students About Controversy

12:03 Future of American Jewry

16:23 Biggest Challenge for High School Students

21:38 Feelings for Elul (and for Judaism in General)

24:30 When Learning is too Easy and Cheap

26:37 Challenging Students without Scaring Them

29:47 When to Leave Kollel

32:47 Teaching Middos

35:35 Standing Before of Hashem

39:04 Inspiring Students to Learn How to Learn

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