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Q&A – Derech-Ohr Somayach (5782)

Q&A – Derech-Ohr Somayach (5782)

December 21, 2021 Q&A - Interviews

#Vayechi #Israel Trip

[10:58] How do you know when to take a break from learning?

[12:25] Why does Hashem care about us?

[19:24] How to get over an emotional loss?

[22:53] How can one get a sense of accomplishment in learning?

[24:09] What is the ultimate goal of learning?

[25:09] What will the world look like when Moshiach comes?

[27:29] Chassidus

[29:40] What is a good question?

[30:16] Best way to promote learning

[32:04] Eating Animals

[34:07] Olam Habah

[35:51] What is a Ben Torah?

[37:45] How to obtain moral clarity?

[39:45] Mishkav Zachar

[45:36] Bringing up children with foreign influences

[48:50] How do we prioritize Hashem outside of Israel?

[50:53] Struggling in Learning

[53:36] Becoming Rich

[54:52] Watching Movies

[56:06] Practical learning

[58:02] Influencing friends

[58:57] Tefillin

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