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Q&A – Derech 5783

Q&A – Derech 5783

March 03, 2023 Q&A - Interviews

Delivered at Derech #Israel Trip 2023


0:01:06  Why do Yeshivas Focus on Gemarah

0:04:42  Learning Tanach in Yeshiva

0:07:26  Balance with Technology

0:12:10  Living in Eretz Yisroel

0:14:13  Maintaining a Good Environment While in College

0:16:39  Preparing for Marriage

0:19:14  Can a Tanna be Wrong

0:23:58  Machlokes in Halacha

0:25:25  Learning Gemara or the Entire Torah

0:27:45  Kosher Phones

0:30:09  Balancing Ruchniyos and Gashmiyus

0:33:33  How to Get Happy Children and Talmidim

0:40:14  Shana Rishona

0:42:03  Rabbis on Social Media

0:43:00  Number of Dating

0:49:21  How to Enjoy Learning

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