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Q&A – Aish (Gesher 5782)

Q&A – Aish (Gesher 5782)

December 27, 2021 Q&A - Interviews

#Israel Trip

[01:48] Finding your hashkafa in the Yeshiva World

[06:52] Are parts of the Torah post Mosaic?

[12:17] Emotions and feelings in making important decisions

[14:35] Moving to Eretz Yisroel

[17:15] Meta-halacha

[18:04] Chassidus

[23:05] Talmud Torah for a working Ben Torah

[24:38] How to get a geshmak in learning

[26:11] Is a baal habus only bidieved?

[27:15] Most important seder when working

[28:24] Using our common Sense

[30:25] Trusting your sechel

[31:41] Mental Health vs Halacha

[34:31] Therapy vs Mussar

[36:22] Agadata

[38:05] When a boy wants to go back to yeshiva but his parents don’t want him to.

[40:04] Getting a geshmak in Tefillah

[41:53] Help getting up for davening

[43:57] Balance in Avodas Hashem

[46:03] Psychological Observations in the Gemara

[48:11] Forming a proper hashkafa

[50:42] Working on Hasmada

[52:11] Doubting your decisions


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