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Congregation Beth Jacob Q&A

Congregation Beth Jacob Q&A

December 16, 2023 Q&A - Interviews

Congregation Beth Jacob, Atlanta, GA 12/11/23. Available on their podcast


[00:08] Most influential Rebbe

[06:26] Following the news in Eretz Yisroel

[09:39] Creating a Yom Tefillah

[14:07] Biggest Issue Facing American Jewry Today

[23:02] Appropriate Hishtadlus for Fighting Anti-Semitism

[27:54] Challenges of Living in America

[31:04] Dealing with Family Members who Live Alternate Lifestyles

[34:01] When Daas Torah Seems Wrong

[40:57] How to Internalize Judaism and Infuse Our Children with a Passion for Judaism

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