Covid, Q&A, Ben Torah for Life and more. R’ Aaron Lopianksy’s shiurim and shmuzim are world renown for their depth and practically.

Chinuch Q&A – YES

Chinuch Q&A – YES

June 09, 2024 Chinuch

At Yeshiva Elementary School in Milwaukee, 6/4/24


00:57 What place does professional sports have in an out-of-town middle school?

08:58 Discussing and saying Tehillim for the tragedies happening in the world today

12:26 Teaching about anti-Semitism

17:40 General Studies Teachers

20:00 Seminary in Eretz Yisroel

25:59 Disabilities and pushing children to work harder

32:06 Working in a class with a range of abilities

35:18 Going into chinuch and moving out of town

39:58 Chizuk for out-of-town michanchim

42:22 Teaching on Sunday

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