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Chinuch Q&A – London

Chinuch Q&A – London

January 28, 2023 Q&A - Interviews

Delivered @ Evening Bais in London 1/21/23.

(on 1/30/23 this audio was updated to a clearer, but lower volume, version)



[00:13] What are the most important things we can do for our children to help them succeed?

[06:12] Discipline in our generation

[16:22] Discipline in matters of ruchniyos

[18:20] Helping teenagers thrive

[22:25] Teaching children to have strength of character

[25:05] Children going off the derech

[33:10] Kollel or Work

[36:02] What should we encourage our children to be

[37:16] Watching Movies

[40:38] Discussing scandals with children

[44:20] School vs. Child, whose side should we be on

[47:00] Skiing

[48:52] How/Should parents apologize

[50:40] Imparting a feel for Ruchniyos

[55:03] Teaching Derech Eretz

[58:00] Incentives for Ruchniyos

[59:29] Appreciating different approaches

[1:02:02] Explaining the difference between adults and children

[1:03:08] Speaking to your children about kedusha

[1:04:43] Best way to spend time with children

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