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Q&A – Toras Shraga (5782)

Q&A – Toras Shraga (5782)

December 24, 2021 Q&A - Interviews

[01:18] Regret and Teshuva

[05:35] Respect for those who have different values

[08:53] Tips for maintaining kedusha and shmiras einyaim?

[15:24] Emphasis on learning Gemara. Neo-Chassidus

[24:03] Connection to Gemara

[27:03] Skills in Gemara

[29:10] Positive use of imagination and fantasy

[31:33] Being connected to the real world and secular knowledge

[34:10] Hisbodidus

[37:40] The correct way to do Hisbodidus and Meditation

[42:55] Emphasis on the “external” way we dress

[47:04] When to leave yeshiva

[50:04] Hishtadlus

[56:05] Daas Torah

[1:00:27] Missing facts in Daas Torah

[1:07:06] Can you acquire Daas Torah if you are not learning full-time

[1:09:58] Serving in the Israeli Army

[1:14:13] Jewish Identity in the workplace

#Israel Trip

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