Q&A – Yeshiva Mir Summer Camp 5781

Q&A – Yeshiva Mir Summer Camp 5781

July 31, 2021

[00:46] Purpose of Q&A

[02:31] Hava Amina in Gemara

[05:50] Homeless in the Mir Dining Room

[08:02] Purpose of Gehenim

[09:04] Role of Men vs Women

[13:57] Chmuash vs Gemara

[18:37] Daas Torah

[26:53] Choosing Daas Torah

[28:02] Emunah

[36:17] Self Esteem; Wasting Time

[42:11] R’ Chaim Kanievsky’s House

[49:40] Supporters of Torah

[54:19] Overcoming Hard Feelings Towards a Rebbe

[56:55] Hishtadlus

[59:50] Marijuana

[1:02:58] Love of Eretz Yisroel

[1:08:00] The State of Israel

[1:15:00] The Importance of Having a Rebbi

[1:17:46] What to Focus on in Yeshiva. What to Strive Towards

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