Q&A – Machon Yaakov 5784

Q&A – Machon Yaakov 5784

February 16, 2024

Video available here


02:31 Bring Sechel into Emotional Emunah

10:27 Bitachon in Big Life Decisions

14:03 Difference Between a Rebbe and a Rav

18:20 Balance Jewish and Secular Education

23:11 Heter to Avoid Certain Mitzvos on the Path to Observance

24:26 What Parts of Torah are Metaphorical

29:22 What Are the Hardest Parts of Judaism to Reconcile

32:32 What Are the Biggest Issues Facing the Jewish Community

36:11 Other Challenges

39:31 Children Who Are Homosexual

44:26 The Holocaust

48:02 Break in the Mesorah

51:58 Mesorah in Kabbalah

54:22 Medical Guidance in the Talmud

57:59 Living in Eretz Yisroel



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