In this legendary weekly shiur, R’ Aaron Lopiansky, in his classic style, brings the depth of the weekly parsha to life. The shiur always begins with a series of questions on the parsha. Each week R’ Aaron will present an important new perspective and through this perspective will answer all the open questions. The ideas presented in the shiur will show you the parsha and our world in a wonderful new light, with layers and meaning that you never knew existed. This shiur is delivered live at Yeshiva Greater Washington and is open to the public. It is also streamed on Zoom.

Makkos Becharos – Establishing Klal Yisroel as the Leader (with Q&A) – KBY 5783

Makkos Becharos – Establishing Klal Yisroel as the Leader (with Q&A) – KBY 5783

March 19, 2023 3. Bo

Delivered at Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh

#Israel Trip 2023


– Ben Torah for Life for Yeshiva Bochrim [16:37]

– Focusing on Parnasah While in Yeshiva [18:13]

– Chassidus in Yeshiva [23:12]

– Machshava and Chassidus [31:25]

– Tools to Work on Regesh [33:02]

– Niggun [36:30]

– Time Spent on Regesh [37:17]

– Are Yeshivas Preparing Bochrim for their Lives Outside Yeshiva [38:05]

– Yeshivas Preparing Bochrim for Practical Issues [43:28]

– Passion vs. Rational [45:08]

– Living in Eretz Yisroel [48:34]

– Army Service [50:52]

– Achdus on Controversial Issues [52:14]

– Ahavas Chinum and Sinas Chinum [56:15]

– Philosophy [01:03:49]

– Rambam’s Philosophy [01:10:38]

– Greek Wisdom [01:12:01].

– Study of Dikduk/Hebrew and History [01:13:35]

– Does Gemarah Make Me a Better Person [01:16:38]

–  Shimush Talmidei Chachamim [01:20:46]

– Making Important Life Decisions When at Odds with Parents [01:22:18]

– Dealing with Family with Different Standards [01:24:54]

– Approaching the Yetzer Hara [01:26:41]

– Ikvasa DiMishicha [01:29:26]

– Did Our Obligation in Life Change [01:31:54]

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